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Hi, I am Jamie. Hopefully, as I grow my blog, tenerifetimes.es it will become a valuable source of information for those who live in Tenerife and those who visit our beautiful island frequently or are visiting for the first time.

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Canary Islands Government warn of new junction closures on the TF-1 due to resurfacing works.

From tonight, Monday 16th at 22:00 through to 06:00 tomorrow morning the junctions at Tajao and Chimiche will be closed.

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The Canary Islands records the highest temperatures in Spain.

With high temperatures recorded at Tenerife South Airport and La Aldea de San Nicolás (western Gran Canaria) exceeding more than 44 degrees, 44.2ºc and 44.4ºc respectively.

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Renting a car in the Canary Islands this summer is almost impossible with “No Availability”.

Due to the boom in tourists and the reduction in rental car fleets in the sector has made searching for a rental car this summer almost impossible.

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Amazon is looking for land in the Canary Islands to construct a large logistics centre.

So far the company is looking to settle in the Arinaga free trade zone in Gran Canaria, but similar contacts with the same purpose have been made in Tenerife.

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Maximum alert level declared for risk of forest fires in the islands of Tenerife, La Gomera, La Palma, El Hierro and Gran Canaria.

Alert levels have been activated from 10:00 hours today as the heatwave begins to roll over the archipelago bringing dry continental air from Africa.

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Airports in Tenerife recover 6 out of 10 passengers lost to the pandemic.

Compared with figures from 2019 for July the North airport has amassed 60% flow and the South airport has only 40% of traffic flow.

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Armas adapts four ships with pet cabins on routes between the Canary Islands and Andalusia.

Naviera Armas Trasmediterránea (Armas) opens 97 cabins this Thursday in which you can travel with your canine or feline friends, with two beds, floor soakers, drinking trough, feeder, and waste collection bags. These four adapted ships cover two inter-island routes and another two which connect the islands to Andalusia.

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Heatwave coming to the Canary Islands with MAXIMUM temperatures of 44 degrees, lasting through to next Wednesday.

Aemet (the state metrological Agency) is yet to announce any warnings for heat within the Canary Islands, but the ensuing heatwave is certainly going to be a scorcher, with predicted temperatures reaching over 40 degrees especially in the eastern islands.

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Alarm in the Canary Islands due to the loss of trade winds and rise in sea levels.

Omaira García (AEMET Izaña) highlights that "there will be an increase in temperature in the highest areas and less rainfall, as well as events such as heatwaves or subtropical storms will intensify"

Word of the day:




Ponte tu vestido.

Put on your dress.


Vestido is a masculine word and should be used with the definite article ‘el'.

If referring to many dresses then the plural form in Spanish would be ‘Los vestidos’.

However, the word for skirt would be ‘falda’.

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Rescue and Emergency Services.

The number to call emergency services when you are staying in the island is 112 and is free to call just like 999 in the U.K. Tenerife is popularly known as a destination for outdoor activities and sports but sometimes things go awry and we need help from the emergency services.


Bad Weather in Tenerife, Yes We Have it!

Although our island is synominous with being the 'eternal spring' from time to time we do actually have bad weather in Tenerife and it can get rather wild and dangerous, here are some tips to prepare for the bad weather, from horrid calimas to fantastic storms.


Staying Safe in the Waters Around Tenerife.

It may come as a suprise that every year many people die in the waters of Tenerife and although the 'official' advice may come across as common sense, it helps to be a bit cautious around the unpredictable sea, after all it is the Atlantic Ocean.