Heatwave coming to the Canary Islands with MAXIMUM temperatures of 44 degrees, lasting through to next Wednesday.

Aemet (the state metrological Agency) is yet to announce any warnings for heat within the Canary Islands, but the ensuing heatwave is certainly going to be a scorcher, with predicted temperatures reaching over 40 degrees especially in the eastern islands.

Currently, mainland Spain and Portugal are in the grasp of a heatwave which over the next 24 hours is going to move south to the Canary Islands. Therefore starting from tomorrow, temperatures are going to increase, particularly in the eastern islands and islands with the greatest relief, i.e. Tenerife, La Palma, La Gomera and Gran Canaria. 

During the night we will see that there will be lows of around 30 degrees which may lead to restless nights for some, due to the tropical lows created by the microclimates within the islands. 

The heat is going to last at least until Wednesday, looking at the temperature predictions through Aemet, and as always when there is going to be an intensive heatwave, be careful when in the sun and use protection, stay hydrated and avoid physical exercise in the heat to mitigate any further health issues.