Amazon is looking for land in the Canary Islands to construct a large logistics centre.

So far the company is looking to settle in the Arinaga free trade zone in Gran Canaria, but similar contacts with the same purpose have been made in Tenerife.

Amazon has been searching for a strategic location in the Canary Islands in which it wants to create a large logistics warehouse in which deliveries to all the islands and even some countries in western Africa would be viable. So far the results of their survey is pointing out land near Gando Airport in Gran Canaria, specifically in the Free Zone in the port of Arinaga, or in one of the industrial estates in Telde or Ingenio. 

Consulting companies that have worked on the opening of other Amazon centres in Spain have requested information from public administrations and business organizations of the Islands in order to set up a distribution base for their products in the Archipelago and in neighbouring African countries, according to several representatives of those companies have confirmed. Contacts are kept discreet and, for at least six months, similar inquiries have also been made on the island of Tenerife.

The Consortium of the Free Trade Zone of Gran Canaria, with land available in the ports of La Luz and Arinaga, is one of the organizations surveyed by these consulting companies and, a priori, the quay of the municipality of Agüimes would be an ideal place if the intention is to create a distribution centre that is not only for the Archipelago but for the countries of West Africa too.

In the Arinaga Free Zone, there are currently more than 250,000 square meters and, apart from the tax benefits due to the storage of goods being exempt from entry or exit taxes, it has a good geographical location due to its proximity to the airport.

If this plan finally gets a green light and Amazon can construct a logistics centre here, hopefully ordering items from Amazon will become easier with more items being made available in the Canary Islands.