Two Illegal Parties Closed Down by Police in the Islands with the Highest Alert Levels.

Yesterday there was one illegal party in Yaiza, Lanzarote, where a court judge attended and the other was a bachelor party in Sebadel, Gran Canaria.

Lanzarote is currently in alert level 4, which has very strict control measures, a curfew from 6pm, and a limit of four people being able to meet in private accommodation. There were a dozen people at a house party and they broadcasted the event live on social media, which prompted a neighbour, who saw the live stream, to call the police. 

When the police arrived on the scene the people at the party were not following safety measures, they were not wearing face masks, they were dancing and above all, they were from different households. 

The judge who attended the party has been named Ricardo Fiestras, who is the head of the Court of Instruction 4 of Arrecife. Fiestras himself had recently recovered from coronavirus where he was forced to stay in a hospital ward for several days. 

Gran Canaria is on alert level 3, where like Lanzarote, only 4 people can meet in private accommodation. However, nine people were having an office party on the roof of the building and when the police arrived they reportedly said they were having a bachelor party for one of their colleagues. 

The police, therefore, identified all the people and have proposed they face sanctions for their ignorance of the health and safety measures currently in place. 


I hear a lot from many people that they are getting tired of living with restrictions and they are bored with the pandemic and want normality to return. 

I understand, it's frustrating. Even I want to go back to working in my bar, but the thought needs to be present all the time that we will only return to normality when people behave and control themselves. 

It's very easy to forget your face mask, we all do it, we all whip back around and open the apartment door again to grab our face mask, but it is our duty and responsibility. 

What has really surprised me about the incident in Lanzarote is the fact that a judge attended the party who certainly should have known better especially after contracting coronavirus and having to stay in hospital. However, I don't blame these people for wanting to celebrate, it's in our human nature to socialise and gather together but they should have thought about the consequences, especially the judge because this might just be the thing that breaks his career.