Lorry With Heavy Load of Water Bottles Overturns in Arafo.

A serious accident was registered today at noon, after a lorry containing bottled water lost control and overturned in Arafo, with two more vehicles involved in the incident.

The driver lost control of the vehicle after making a manoeuvre which destabilized the water and caused the lorry to overturn whilst he was on his way to deliver the water to El Hierro. 

As the bottles spilt out into the road they struck and caused damage to the two cars behind the lorry. 

The accident happened very close to the Lidl in Arafo, causing both lanes of the road to be blocked. 

The Canary Islands Emergency Services team were alerted and quickly responded to the incident. Treating the lorry driver for minor injuries. Also on the scene was the Fire Brigade, Local Police, Guardia Civil and Highways Personal.