Tenerife Times Version 2: PHP Automatically Updates Page Content!

It's the first of February and I feel that I have reached a new milestone with Tenerife Times, I have completely reworked the code so PHP scripts are called to automatically show the latest news across the website.

Although on the face of it not much has changed visually, except some nice rounded edges (which I love), It has been a hell of a learning curve for me, moving away from the standard and static HTML pages to the more dynamic PHP language. This updated website means that when I make a new article on the site, I do not have to manually type the article in on every page where the ‘widget’ for ‘Latest News’ was - it is all done automatically using a database on my server. 

Further to this when I want to make a new article I do not need to open Visual Studio Code and actually write out a new page and then modify all the hyperlinks to link to the newly created article. I have managed to do this by making an ‘Admin Dashboard’ where I can fill out a form and post the article to a database. After the PHP code comes along, scans the database and presents the data onto the webpage.


All in all, this means that it will be much easier for me in the future to write articles and update the website more frequently without the need to edit pages and pages of code. By heck, I can even do it from my phone if I really wanted. 

Thanks for reading my website and for being patient over the last week whilst nothing has been posted. I appreciate any feedback you may have and feel free to contact me if you see something wrong with the website. After all, it is just me sitting in my living room staring at lines of code. 

Have a good day and stay safe!