49 Samples of the 'British Variant' of Covid19 Have Been Detected Within the Canary Islands.

100 nasopharyngeal swabs were collected from Covid19 patients between December 18th and January 18th, where the patient was suspected to be a carrier of any variant of the coronavirus.

The genetic code found in the virus was sequenced and the results showed that none of the so-called South African or Brazilian strains was found. But, amongst the 100 samples, 49 were detected to be of the 'British variant'. Of that time frame, there were 7,239 positive cases detected therefore 49 cases of the 'British variant' would represent approximately 0.67% of all cases detected in the Canary Islands.

Of the 49 samples, four came from Lanzarote and 39 from Tenerife, where the cases linked to La Palma recorded at the end of December are included. The rest of the samples come from two UK citizens, two from Italian citizens and seven more where the traceability is still being worked on.

More work will continue detecting variants of the virus with greater emphasis on Lanzarote and Gran Canaria where the greatest increases of the virus are taking place.

As always the same containment measures for the 'British variant' or any variant for that matter remain the same. Wash hands regularly, wear a face mask and if meeting people maintain social distancing and stay in a well-ventilated place. If you are suspicious that you have the virus or you are waiting for test results avoid as much contact with people as possible, stay home and seek medical help.