INVOLCAN Register a Swarm of Seismic Activity Under Cumbre Vieja Volcano - La Palma.

On Monday 31st January 2021 the Canary Islands Seismic Network, monitoring all seismic movements in the archipelago for INVOLCAN had recorded 138 small seismic events with magnitude 1.8 or below under the Cumbre Vieja Volcano.

The hypocentres of these mini earthquakes (in red in the image) lay at about 15 to 20km below the ground, and because they are of such low magnitude pose no danger to life and you should continue daily life as normal. The black dots in the image represent all seismic movements detected in the last three years.

There was no significant horizontal or vertical movement detected through the network in recent years and therefore there has not been and deformation of the ground at Cumbre Vieja.

This type of activity is perfectly normal for a volcanic island as the ground is usually unstable and movements happen frequently without posing any risk. Since 2017 INVOLCAN has detected eight seismic swarms at Cumbre Vieja Volcano, 1 in 2017, 1 in 2018, 5 in 2020 and finally this one now.