Woman Drowns in Natural Pool in Teno Alto, Buenavista del Norte.

It was just the other day I was writing my ‘guide’ about staying safe in the waters around Tenerife, where I gave an anecdote about a family who did not perceive the dangers of the strong waves which were coming into the pool and they almost lost their daughter as a coincidence.

And here we are, literally days after I wrote that ‘guide’ a woman has died in a natural pool, granted we do not know the full circumstances of this particular incidence as the police have not released the details as of yet, but it is a stark reminder that the water can be deadly.

On January 17th a call was made to the emergency services at about 4:45pm and a helicopter rescue was dispatched to the scene. The woman was airlifted out of the water and paramedics commenced CPR, to try and resuscitate the woman.

Additionally, she was suffering from cardiorespiratory arrest and when the emergency rescue team handed the woman over to the Canarian Emergency Service team they continued CPR but to no avail and unfortunately they could only confirm her death.

To me, this sounds like the shock of entering the cold water too fast which can make the body panic and cause cardiorespiratory arrest if you are not careful. This is speculation given the limited details, but remember to stay safe around the water and always take into consideration your abilities and health before you enter the water and/or intend to swim.