UK Travel Ban Extended Until March 2nd.

Up to March 2nd British nationals cannot enter Spain via aeroplane or ship unless you are an official resident of the country and prove with a PCR test that you have a negative test result for Coronavirus.

Since I last wrote about this topic it seems that Brazil and South Africa have also been added to this travel ban and people arriving from these countries too cannot enter ANY part of Spain unless they are an official resident. 

This travel ban aims to stop the import of the more infectious variants of the virus from entering and spreading through the country. 

However, if you are here in Spain and want to return or just travel to the UK you will not only have to provide a negative PCR test and self isolate for 10 days, but, you will also have to take two more tests. The first test on the second day and another on the eighth day of self-isolation. These tests are to be paid for by the passenger themselves. 

The complete list of countries the UK is imposing these restrictions on can be found here: