President of Spain, Pedro Sánchez Has Admitted that the De-escalation "was too fast".

During a plenary session in Congress today, the president has admitted that the de-escalation of the first wave of the coronavirus was too fast.

In his review of the measures adopted to combat the covid19 pandemic, he pointed out that, when you look at it from a certain perspective, there was a de-escalation after the first wave that was too fast. Which he claims is due to the pressure put upon the government to reactivate the economy and remedy emotional fatigue. 

Spain is currently under a state of alarm (with the canary Islands exempt) and Sánchez underlines that he would have liked more unity between political groups to approve this state of alarm and face the evolution of the pandemic. Where he adds "Co-governance, which has worked well in all areas, could have worked better in that first de-escalation".

He stressed that we must learn from the successes and errors and thus avoid future failures. Where he has said that there is a risk that the arrival of vaccines will relax us ahead of time and there is a fourth wave that must be avoided.

Sánchez also adds that this is a lesson that everyone should assume as their own challenge for avoiding the fourth wave, "We must all take up the challenge of avoiding a fourth wave as our own".