Dilapidated Half Built Apartment Block to be Replaced by Luxury Apartments.

It's reported that in a few days that the unfinished building which has sat at the entrance to Los Gigantes for more than 30 years will finally be demolished and be replaced with luxury apartments.

Los Gigantes which is in the municipality of Santiago del Teide has been blighted by an unfinished building with many mayors failing to do anything about it. However, the current mayor Emilio Navarro admits that the demolition of this unfinished building had been one of his objectives since taking office six years ago, saying "that (building) damaged the image of the entrance to one of the most important tourist centres of the municipality and Tenerife”. 

Currently, there is one development happening next to the Royal Sun Resort which is to be named Aquasuites I. Furthermore, the same developer, a Canarian company, Sieper Von Behr, has the rights to construct luxury apartments on the site of the to be demolished structure, which will be named Aquasuites II. 

Emilio goes on to say, "in a few days the demolition of that structure begins and the subsequent construction of these developments that enrich and revalue our municipality".

This could only be a good thing for the local economy in Los Gigantes as it will bring more people to this corner of the island whilst removing the eyesore from the entrance of the town. With these apartments being luxury and all with private pools, the hopes are it will attract clients with high purchasing power, whilst giving confidence to local businesses that Los Gigantes is still an important tourist centre.