The UK Introduces £200 Fine on People Trying to Leave the Country Without Proper Justification.

From Monday the measure introduces a new travel form which if not presented on boarding an aeroplane or is illegitimate, will lead to a £200 fine.

Yesterday the Ministry of Transport announced the new measure to be introduced, stating that if you have legitimate reasons, an acceptable necessity to travel in the context of the pandemic, you must fill out this new form and present it to airlines before boarding. 

Additionally, police who patrol ports and airports are allowed to ask you to present your form and if failing to do so, they can fine you £200. For those travelling for unjustified reasons the fine can range between £200 and £6,400 for violation of confinement and you will be sent home. 

According to current regulations, you can only travel abroad for reasons such as work, volunteering, medical, educational or funerals.

Under the deconfinement plan announced by Prime Minister Boris Johnson, overseas travel from England will not resume until at least May 17, depending on how the national vaccination program progresses.

You can find the form and more information in the link below: