Hoteliers See the Vaccination Passport as a "key" to Unlock Tourism.

The Spanish Confederation of Hotels and Tourist Accommodation (Cehat) has entered into an agreement between the leaders of the European Union to continue working on the development of a vaccination certificate.

The opinion of the Confederation is that the vaccination passport will provide health security and regain the confidence of travellers,  reactivating demand in the tourism sector. 

"It was an imperative need that this sector had been denouncing almost since the beginning of the pandemic, since, in a context like this, it is essential to control the pandemic through the traceability of travellers and to enable tourism activity", has underlined the president of Cehat, Jorge Marichal.

Hoteliers see it as "essential" that all European authorities agree to the specifications of such a document that includes all health guarantees and allows healthy people to travel to safe places. Which could establish health corridors. The accommodation sector emphasizes that this security is what will also allow local populations not to be afraid of being infected by their visitors, since, through this system, "there will be greater control and guarantees."

Hopefully, this is an agreement that the UK, now outside of the European Union can help build, or at least subscribe to such a document, since there has been much talk and support in the UK for a vaccination passport.