3.1 Magnitude earthquake detected off the coast of Tenerife.

Just off the coast of Tenerife near Poris de Abona, IGN (National Geographic Institute) reported that a 3.1 magnitude earthquake was detected at 6pm yesterday, 36 kilometres below the waves.

This comes after more than 50 seismic events have been detected across the canary islands last month in June, with one particularly swarm affecting Cumbre Vieja in La Palma. 

Within the last 10 days, IGN has detected a series of small seismic tremors between the islands of Tenerife and Gran Canaria, with four earthquakes around 20 - 30 kilometres deep, with this latest one being the biggest. 

The second biggest was registered at 1am which was only 1.7 in magnitude close to the coast off El Tablado, Güímar at a depth of around 25 kilometres. 

The third-largest was registered on the 30th of June at 9:40pm with a magnitude of 1.6 at 23 kilometres deep and the fourth was registered on 5th July at 11:30pm with a magnitude of 1.5. 

These events are all perfectly normal with each island having a traffic light system to warn of any danger, currently, Tenerife has a green light.